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Let's make this world a healthier place

We enable health, wellness & fitness companies to access and use wearable data.

Loved by builders in health and fitness

Collection of health data

We collect health data from over 300 devices of different providers as well as other data collectors such as Apple Health and Google Fit. What is the advantage for you? With a single integration, you get access to all these data sources.

Data harmonization

We provide a consistent presentation of the data in a single format with common units - no matter the source. What is the advantage for you? We do the hard work of harmonization and you consume the data flawlessly with no confusion.

Data standardization

Not all data sources provide the exact same data. So, we do the required calculations to match the data between multiple brands. What is the advantage for you? You receive the most complete information possible thanks to us filling in the blanks.

Data cleaning

When there are several data sources involved, there might exist some duplication of data. We detect, evaluate and choose the most accurate source of data. What is the advantage for you? You don't have to worry about duplicated data points, we provide you with cleaned-up data.

Data normalization

Each provider has its own ways of processing the information as well as setting data ranges, we transform this information to establish unified scales. What is the advantage for you? You can actually compare the information between different sources.

Health Score

Some providers have their own definition of health and some just don't. This makes that definitions and scores are not compatible or comparable between them. As a result, we created a universal score. What is the advantage for you? We provide you with a universal definition of health that can receive data from any source - no matter the hardware or operating system.