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RookConnect is a service for collecting and making your End-Users Health Data available to you in an easy-to-use way. We reduce the time and effort it would take you to integrate and maintain all Health Data sources as well as to harmonize and standardize the information to actually make sense of it. Not to mention the costs and legal processes involved in order to use that data. With RookConnect you just have to do one integration to get access to more than 300 sources of data.

The technology behind our solution is a simple WEB in which your End-Users authorize us to extract their information from his Health Data Sources. We automate the collection and store the processed data with a proprietary structure that is compatible with the data structure from those different Health Data Source. We then provide you with notification and consultation mechanisms (APIs/Webhooks) to deliver the processed data to you in a ready-to-use way.

RookConnect is a simple WEB that can be easily integrated into any application and is compatible with all technologies and platforms (API/Webhook solution).

What do we do?

  1. Connection of Health Data Providers:

    • Providers:
      • We support integrations with all the major wearable Health Data Source - more than 300 devices. We are also creating custom integrations, and are adding more daily, so reach out if you are missing a provider on our list.
    • Technical:
      • We find ways to connect with all those Health Data Sources, whether they use endpoints, notifications, or mobile SDKs - we get the data you need. In addition, we take care of the updates and changes that the Health Data Source make to their protocols
      • We do the maintenance work, so you don’t have to worry about it.
    • Legal:
      • Our legal and security team understands the responsibilities of managing your and your End-UsersHealth Data from those different sources and conveys them in simple terms for you and your End-Users - shown to them in the authorization web embedded into your application.
    • Payments:
      • Some Health Data Sources have their APIs or connections to the data behind a paywall that would make those integrations very expensive and sometimes even not affordable for a single company, but the good thing is that we cover all the costs related to those Health Data Provider, and you only have to pay to us the fee for actual usage.
  2. Data processing

    • Harmonization:
      • We provide a consistent presentation of the data in a single format with common units - no matter the source. What is the advantage for you? We do the hard work of harmonization and you consume the data flawlessly with no confusion.
    • Standardization:
      • Not all data sources provide the exact same data. So, we do the required calculations to match the data between multiple brands. What is the advantage for you? You receive the most complete information possible thanks to us filling in the blanks.
    • Duplicity:
      • When there are several data sources involved, there might exist some duplication of data. We detect, evaluate and choose the most accurate source of data. What is the advantage for you? You don't have to worry about duplicated data points, we provide you with cleaned-up data.
    • Normalization:
      • Each provider has its own ways of processing the information as well as setting data ranges, we transform this information to establish unified scales. What is the advantage for you? You can actually compare the information between different sources.

How does RookConnect work?

Follow these 4 easy steps to make use of your End-Users' data in your app:

Integration Journey

Stages breakdown

The data stages are described in the following steps.

  1. Connection stage:
    1. You place and display our connection page in your app using a webview
    2. Your End-Users authorize us to access their Health Data from their Health Data Sources on the embedded Connections Page.
    3. We only keep the authorization token (without the End-User’s email) to acquire your Health Data periodically
  2. Collection stage:
    1. We are collecting the data from all Health Data Sources whenever there is new End-User data available. We do this using three different options
  3. Processing stage:
    1. We process the Health Data and store it standardized, harmonized, and cleaned up.
  4. Data consumption stage:
    1. You can consult the summaries and events of your End-Users using our API
    2. (Soon) We notify you when new End-Users' Health Data is available via Webhooks.