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Version: 2.0.0

Connections Page

The Connections page is a webpage intended to be mounted directly in the client's app and is ready to be used. Here, users can authorize ROOK to access their Health Data obtained from the Health Data Source.

This module is a simple webpage with a list of data sources and a call-to-action button where users can launch every data source authorization page and provide access to their data. This web page can be customized in both dark and light colors to match your app's look and feel.

It is ideally placed in the onboarding process of a new User, as well as the profile or configuration section within the app.

With this Connections page, you can develop your app or proof of concept quickly with a ready-to-use solution. In the future, you can keep the page or you can build your own page or app view using our API for data source authorization.

Authorization Page


Please specify your Connections page's look and feel preferences during account creation.


You must use your own User identifier in ROOK as user_id. This user_id is required to link the information with the correct User because:

  • There are Users who have several email addresses for the different Health Data Sources they use.
  • We do not store any of the email addresses provided as part of the authorization process. We'll use the user_id provided as an identifier.


  1. Open the Connections Page in a web view inside your app using:
  • “https://connections” + domain/client_uuid/your_client_uuid/user_id/your_user_id

For example, a client with client_uuid: "d2c34b45-51ff-4ef0-95dc-d87c39136469" and using the development stage with a user_id: aUniqueUserIdABCD1234


The example connections page URL is using a demo client_uuid. Since this is public documentation, please do not add any sensitive information to that connection.


Users only need to authorize ROOK once, and then ROOk will continue getting their health data, no re-authorization will be required unless the data source makes changes that require users to reauthorize or ROOk needs new permissions from the user.


The User can unlink a Health Data Source, which will cause us to lose access to their information.