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With “RookConnect” we refer to the product described in this documentation. RookConnect is our API/SDK solution that allows any app in wellness, Health ,and fitness to connect to their End-Users’ Health Data. By these terms RookConnect is a Health Data Collector as well as Data processing and insights platform that lives within your application to facilitate the access and use of the Health Data of your End-Users.


Rookeries Development

“RookDev” is the legal company and owner of the product RookConnect.


“RookMotion” is the commercial brand name of RookeriesDevelopment


With “Client” we refer to the company contracting RookConnect


With “End-User” we refer to the person making use of the services provided by you "our Client" - this translates to the “Client of you "our Client". That same “User” or “End-User” is the one who connects his Health Data to your app via our solution.

Health Data Provider

With “Health Data Provider” we refer to the manufacturer of sensors, wearables (such as Polar, Garmin, etc.) as well as other apps that collect the Health Data where the End-User ingests Health Data using one of their devices or applications. Via our connections page, the End-User is enabling us to access the data to provide that information to you "our Client" (embedded in their app) in a standardized, normalized, and unified way. An End-User can have multiple providers connected to RookConnect.

Health Data Collectors

With “Health Data Collectors” we refer to products and Health Data Provider that collect Health Data from directly from wearables and another Health Data Providers in a centralized way. Often these Health Data Collectors are called “Health Kits” and as “Health Data Hubs”. Providers and products falling into this category are Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Huawei Health, Xiaomi Health, and Huami.

Health Data Sources

With “Health Data Sources” we refer to both sources Health Data Providers and Health Data Collectors. We collect the Health Data from both sources, process it, and put available for your consumption no matter the source type.


Health Definition

“Health” means (for us) the state of plenitude represented by the balance between four core pillars: Physical, Body, Sleep, and Mental/Social Health.

Health Metrics

With “Health Metrics” we refer to any measurable phenomenon related to the Health or Wellness of an End-User. Like step count or heart rate.

Health Data Pillars

With “Health Data Pillars” we refer to the four pillars mentioned previously as part of our definition of Health: Physical, Sleep, Body, and Mental/Social Health

Physical Health Data Pillar

With “Physical Health Data Pillar” we refer to all Health Data that falls into categories such as daily activities, exercise sessions, or the movement of a End-User during the day.

Body Health Data Pillar

With “Body Health Data Pillar” we refer to all Health Data that falls into categories such as body size, physiological variables, and nutrition.

Sleep Health Data Pillar

With “Sleep Health Data Pillar” we refer to all Health Data related to sleep, recovery, or resting.


Health Data

“Health Data” refers to all data being collected from the End-User’s Health Metrics. The data collected can be Unprocessed Health Data or Processed Health Data.

Unprocessed Health Data

With “Unprocessed Health Data” we refer to Health Data being stored as it is, obtained from Health Data Sources without being processed by our technology. This Health Data was generated with the End-User's wearable, while we collect that Data from the Health Data Sources.

Processed Health Data

With “Processed Health Data” we refer to Health Data that has been processed (Harmonization, Standardization, Unification, and Normalization) by our technology. We collect and more importantly process the End-User's Health Data to actually be able to make use of the available data.

Harmonized Health Data

“Harmonized Health Data” means a consistent presentation of Health Data in a single format with common units.

Standardized Health Data

“Standardized Health Data” means Health Data matching calculations between Health Data Sources.

Unified Health Data

“Unified Health Data” means providing to you "our Client" with a single Data Set (the most accurate one available) whenever duplicated Data Sets were found. This can happen if an End-User has two wearable devices or two Health Data Providers connected or when the End-User connects a Health Data Provider as well as a Health Data Collector.

Normalized Health Data

“Normalized Health Data” means Health Data being transformed to establish unified scales and ranges.


With “Components” we refer to the technology involved in RookConnect to be able to provide you with the previously mentioned functionalities. These components represent “parts” of the overall technology solution we provide.

Connections Page

With “Connections Page” we refer to the webpage mounted in your app, where the End-User finds a list of Health Data Sources and Health Data Collectors available to connect with, and where he/she authorizes us to get access to the Health Data of the selected sources.


An “API” is an Application Programming Interface, which means a collection of endpoints to query Health Data or execute actions like generating tokens from RookConnect.


“WebHook” means a notification mechanism where RookConnect notifies to you "our Client" about new Health Data available from End-Users.